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General mechanic

A small investment in routine servicing, plus a good inspection programme results in good return on that investment

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We focus on personalised customer service as well as ensuring fair, transparent prices and guaranteeing quality work.

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Frequently asked questions.

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How long does a Diagnostic take and can I wait?2024-02-12T13:27:33+00:00

A typically Diagnostic takes from 45min to 1.5hours, we have a waiting area if required

Do you have spare cars?2024-02-07T14:41:49+00:00

We do have courtesy cars please request in advance as we don’t always have them available

What kind of services do you offer?2024-02-12T13:28:21+00:00

We offer a vast range of services from standard oil change and level check right through to a 245 point checks for further details please contact Wayne

Why should I choose you?2024-02-12T13:29:25+00:00

We have a incredible good reparation in Wisbech and have been recommended time and time again, with many years in the business there’s nothing we cant help you with just contact Wayne


Diagnostic Service

We have a professional industry standard diagnostic equipment compatable with all makes & models


Vehicle inspection

Full 250 point vehicle check commercial and private all covered


Engine & Gearbox Rebuilds

Complete Engine/Gearbox overhauls


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